Pinecone Research Scam

Pinecone Research Scam

Is Pinecone Research Scam?

No, pinecone research is not scam. It is one of the best paying survey sites as of now. It is difficult to sign up for pinecone research, but once you qualify to become a member, you are with a good company.

Pinecone research itself is not a scam but you need to be beware of people who are running pinecone research scam in the form of mystery shopping, where the scammers promise to pay hundreds of dollars for doing mystery shopping and asking to en cash  checks. To the best of my knowledge, pinecone research doesn’t conduct such studies and pays $3/completed survey. These are all scam and you need to avoid this.

How to Spot Online Paid Survey Scams and Avoid Them?

It is better to know how to spot online paid survey scams and avoid them in first place? All over the web there are people who prey upon innocent consumers trying to earn a living at home. This group have a sense of entitlement and are  looking to make an easy dollar cheating you out of your hard earned money through online paid survey scams and other
work at home paid survey scams.

American legislators are taking the problem of paid survey scams very seriously. The federal government and numerous states are currently in the process of enacting legislation to counter paid surveys fraud inside and outside of the United States.

Does this mean that paid surveys are entirely bad? Not necessarily. They can, in fact, be very helpful at reducing  debt, paying off bills or creating a discretionary income for vacations or luxury items for your family.

However proceed with caution when choosing top paid surveys online . Here are a few  do’s and dont’s to spot online paid survey scams.

  • Don’t use paid survey sites or lists that want your name and address to sign up and only provide you with a small sample of their worst  survey sites asking you to pay for an upgraded membership.
  • Don’t use paid survey sites that request you register  in order to participate in their free paid surveys.  Only to discover that your name, address and other information are being sold to email spamming companies.
  • Do provide your sign up information when joining the survey panel not when joining a website to get a list of paid survey sites.  If the website asks for your information to access to the paid survey sites list your probably going to be spammed.
  • Don’t use paid survey sites that give promises of pie in the sky earnings when you pay them a small fee to join later to discover that your investment has returned little or nothing in earned income.
  • Do check out every survey company before you join. Plan on earning on average between $2.00 to $10.00 per survey.
  • Don’t use paid survey sites that sell you outdated or obsolete survey site list information. Most online paid survey scam sites make it difficult if not impossible for you’re to get your money back.
  • Do read all money back guaranties carefully and check out the contact numbers before making the commitment.
  • Do look out for poorly written websites with lots of typos or misspellings this is always a dead give away of online paid survey scam.
  • Do understand what type of survey site you are joining before signing up.  Get paid to shop and secret shoppers websites are commonly confused for paid survey websites. In fact these websites are called Incentivized websites and pay you a commission or discount to participate in a trail offer or purchase.

Most of these websites require you to register or enroll in an introductory offer or complete different levels of a special offer complete a survey about the product and get paid.

These sites by definition are not free paid survey sites but they do pay you to take surveys and read emails. These websites can be useful when shopping on line for things you were going to purchase anyway.  Simply make sure you read the fine print on all offers and be aware of what’s required of you before you decide to you participate in the offer.

Following these guidelines and the adage “If it sounds to good to be true, it is”  and you can be confident that you will find good paid survey websites.

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